How to up-cycle a cell phone cover and vintage hosiery bag into a needle case

In this inspirational video I share with you my tips and tricks for up-cycling a cell phone cover and vintage hosiery bag into needle cases.

Up-Cycled Needle Cases

It is nice to have the needles that you use often in one place and it’s nice to have a pretty needle case to keep them in one location. I up-cycled a cell phone case and a vintage hosiery bag into two gorgeous needle cases.  It was easy and you’ll be delighted to show them off!

One tip for your new needle case; if you like a particular needle your working with on a project, leave it threaded with that color your working with so you can find it next time you sit down to sew.  In fact, you can thread each of our needles with a little thread while storing them in their case, just to make sure you’re ready to sew!

A needle case also makes a great gift to a fellow sewer/ seamstress, who wouldn’t want to receive a handmade needle case?

Materials for the cell phone cover:

  • Cell phone cover
  • Padding or foam for the inside
  • Adhesive or glue
  • Craft pins
  • Flannel to cover the padding
  • Pretty lace for around the bumper (where phone would go)
  • Pretty lace to cover the credit card slots
  • Something pretty for the corners such as flat embroidery pieces of some kind
  • Flat magnetic piece like last years calendar that your realtor sent you.


  1. First cut the padding to fit inside the bumper.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric larger than the padding.
  3. Wrap the fabric around padding (like wrapping a present) use adhesive or glue and pins to hold it while it dries. Stick the covered padding piece back into the case.
  4. Glue lace around rubber bumper to cover it up and make it pretty.
  5. Glue embellishments on and place the extra piece of magnet inside the cover.

Materials for the Vintage hosiery Bag:

  • Vintage Lingerie/hosiery Bag
  • Felt pieces cut to size so the needles aren’t sticking directly into the satin. Attach the felt pieces to the satin with small pieces of Velcro.
  • Finish it off with a pretty broach of some kind for the cover.

It’s that easy.  I have a sewing bag that I use all the time and I keep my needle case inside so I always know where my needles are located when I’m ready to sew!

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