Best Fabric to Use for a Face Mask

Best Fabric to Use for a Face Mask

Supply List:

Printed Patterns

Pen to transfer pattern to fabric

Batik Fabrics



Pipe cleaners



Sewing machine



Step 1 = Cut out pattern and transfer to fabric.

Note: Use two different fabrics. One for the small pattern and one for the large pattern; so they can use both sides.

Step 2 = Cut pipe cleaner in half; or wire 6 inches.

Step 3 = Cut flannel 6 x 4.

Step 4 = Sew a half inch seam on the larger piece of fabric, for the pipe cleaner.

Step 5= Right sides together, flannel piece on top.

Step 6 = Cut two pieces of elastic 6 inches and place between fabric where flannel corner are located on top. Sew elastic at least 3 times.

Step 7 = Sew the elastic and flannel (at least 3 times). Sew a seam towards the bottom, and sew the other end of the elastic leaving 3/8″ or so from the bottom.

Note: Make sure your elastic is out of the way.

Step 8 = Sew a seam on the bottom of the mask over the flannel and backstitch.

Repeat steps 7 and 8 on other side.

Step 9 =  Sew a seam on the top half of the mask, avoid sewing the pipe cleaner on top.

Step 10 = Flip it inside out.

Step 11 = Top stitch all the way around the mask. Use a 1/2 seam on top to avoid sewing the pipe cleaner.

Step 12 = Make them to donate.  Post to your friends and family that do not have masks that you will make one for them. Post to your neighbors that are elderly that you will make one for them. Make extras to donate!  We can do this.

God bless us all.

Batik Fabric Face Mask Instructions


                                       COVID -19 FACE MASK PATTERN


Small Modified Face Mask Pattern Piece     Large Modified Face Mask Pattern Piece

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