Three Generation Quilt

I love to embroidery; but I always said, “what do I do with the finished pieces.” Then a new friend explained that you sew sashing in-between the finished pieces, sew the rows together, place batting in the middle, put a back on it and sew some binding on – and you have a quilt.

So the first quilt I ever put together, over 20 years ago now, was my sons baby quilt.

I had an embroidered pillow case my Grandmother had made and wanted to incorporate that piece, so I made a three generation quilt.

My Grandmothers block is with the light purple background and outlined embroidery.

I prefer filling in my pieces.

The Pillow case:

My mom’s contribution:

I told my mother I was pregnant by saying…”you know that baby blanket we are working on? – We have 9 months to finish!”

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