I Love my Morkie named Zoey


The Morkie

A Morkie is often called a designer dog, hybrid, crossbreed even mongrel.  They are also known as a Yorktese and Malki. I prefer to call  Morkies the greatest dogs every!!!

Maltese meets the Yorkie:

Morkies are a cross breed between a pure-breed Maltese and  pure-breed Yorkshire terrier. Whenever you cross two different breeds, you never know what you will get.  Sometimes you get more of the Maltese look and temperament or you can get more of the terrier side.  Sometimes you get lucky and get the best of both breeds. So if you are interested in getting a Morkie, it is suggested that you read up on both dogs to understand the characteristics of both the mom and the dad.

I first fell in love with the Maltese. When I started researching the breed I found out that they often have separation anxiety.  While I loved the breed, I was not fond of that fact. I found out that the Maltese hates to be left alone, and some, if they don’t get enough exercise are known to tear up things.  And we couldn’t have that.

Although Yorkshire Terriers can also have separation anxiety they are more known for their spunk, vigor and independence.  I get that dog’s personalities have a lot to do with their owners and training, especially in the first 3 months. But all I wanted was a small dog that would curl up in my lap, be lovable, trainable, cute and fit in my purse.  Well, my morkie Zoey is all of those except the purse dog.  She is fully grown and weighs around 13 pounds.

My Morkie Zoey:

Zoey loves to eat and loves her snacks. I read that 3 smaller meals is best for smaller dogs. In the past she has been picky about the food she would eat.  In fact when she was small I think I bought every kind of dog food there was available.  I would bring it home and test it out  – and she would stick her nose in the air and just walk away. This went on for a long time.  Thank goodness Pet Co takes dog food back.

She finally settled on Purina shredded Chicken dog food  for small dogs and is pretty happy with it as long as I put a little something extra in it.   In the morning it’s a small piece of chicken jerky and for dinner it’s a small piece of fresh chicken or a small piece of our dinner that night. For lunch she gets exactly 8 pieces of  Kibble and Bits and yes she demands a snack at 8:30 which consists of exactly 6 pieces of Kibble and Bits.

My Morkie is very smart, knows lots of tricks, is well behaved, very loyal and she tells time.   She knows exactly when it’s lunch time, snack time, and bed time. She is very vocal about it and won’t quiet down until she gets her way.

So here is my Morkie – Zoey, but first meet the parents:

Zoey’s Dad Raisin = Yorkshire terrier and Zoey’s mom Posh = Maltese.

Morkies can vary in color and size. They are a small breed typically ranging between 4-15 pounds.  Zoey is full grown, 5 years old and is around 13 pounds, which is on the bigger side of typical.  Colors varies widely from black, black and brown, brown and tan even all white. Zoey is the most beautiful tawny/gold. Their hair gets long and needs to be cut every 6-8 weeks at a $45 -$65 cost. But they are so worth the effort and cost. They don’t shed – which is a good thing, since the cat does enough of that.

This is the picture I saw online when I was looking for a Morkie, and I said “I have to have her” she was 4 weeks at that time.  We went down to met the family and fell in love. I went back several times to see my puppy before she could come home with us at 8 weeks.

Zoey at 7 weeks:

2 years old:

3 years old:

4 years old:


5 years old:

…and all grown up.

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