See Js Fairy Doors and Fairy Forest

See Js Fairy Doors and Fairy Forest

Steps to make a fairy door:

Step 1

Go for a nature walk and pick bark that speaks to you. Look at the size, shape and look for knots and  a hole in the bark that could be used as a porthole.  I especially love gnarled and knotted bark. Wash all bark and set in the sun to dry.

Step 2

Use liquid Sculpey polymer clay and silicone molds to make hinges, keyholes and medieval door rivets. Bake clay in a dedicated oven outside for 8-10 minutes at 275 degrees. Try not to let them come to smoke point, and be careful not to breathe the smoke if it does. Or you can buy them.  I do a little of both.  Sculpey =

Step 3

Glue the hinges, keyhole and rivets to your fairy door with Beacon Power –Tac glue.  I love the stuff, low odor, and a strong hold. Let dry.

Step 4

For the door knob I use a fancy thumbtack. I have a couple of different patterns and lengths that I use.  Use some muscle and twist or push the thumbtack where a door knob should be on your fairy door.

Step 5

Coat the entire door with a mixture of Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue and water. You want it thick but spreadable and thin enough to easily paint it with a paint brush over all hinges, keyholes, rivets and door knobs. Not too thin that is runs off the door and makes a  mess but not too thick that the glue pools in areas.  Take a dry bush and go over the areas where the glue is too thick.  Sometimes at the drying stage I spray areas with a fine mist of water and go back over it with a dry brush to avoid pooling of the glue.  Let dry.

Step 6

Paint your fairy door.  I love Recollections paint; I use the orange and olive colors all the time.

Step 7

Highlight areas with Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Paint.  I use Transited Brass and Antique Bronze a lot.

Step 8

Brush a little Art alchemy Metallique wax in Rich Copper and then Aged Brass on the hinges, keyhole, door knob and rivets.  Rich Copper = Aged Brass =

Step 9

Varnish your fairy door outside.  I have been using Winsor Artists’ Gloss Varnish lately.  I can’t say I love the smell, so do use it outside.

Step 10

Use a saw tooth picture hanger and glue it on the back of your fairy door. Let dry.

Enjoy your new fairy door directly on a tree, wall or fairy house. You can also go to the next project and make a door frame from paper Mache or a cardboard egg carton.

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