Gorgeous Gardening Pictures in March

Well, it’s almost spring. Not officially  but I already have the fever !!!  Yes that is spring fever.  I was in the garden yesterday and here are a few pictures from the first part of March. I live in Huntington Beach, California and get to garden most of the year. But, spring – ah spring holds a special place in my wallet. But thankfully, most of  these picture are from flowers/plants that are still around from last year.  The Kangaroo paw was added to the garden last May and is doing so well. When I received it as a gift, it was more yellow, this year it bloomed more red.

I have to admit that the pink rose was not grown in my garden. It was part of my valentine bouquet .  It was so pretty I had to add it. My dog Zoey is pretty too!

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4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Gardening Pictures in March”

  1. Anonymous

    What a beautiful garden, I wish I lived where I could grow such beautiful plants.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful flowers, they look so colorful and healthy

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