Mixed Media South of France Journal – Page 8

Mixed Media South of France Journal – Page 8

I loved creating this Mixed Media Art Journal with picture from the South of France – what fun!

Here is the video for page 8.

I used a lace top that was just hanging in my closet, that I never really wore, I just bought it because it was lace.  It turned out very handy  when putting together these pages.  I used the lace several times. Some of the lace flowers were ink dyed for other pages but I left the lace white on page 8. I changed up the buttons and cut out the lace to go around the pictures.  The pictures were made into pockets for travel memorabilia.  I liked how these pages turned out.  Simple but lacy.

Here is the original picture that I started with:

Here are a few pictures in progress:

The background for the journal pages were  ink dyed using the All Purpose Inks from TSC Designs. http://stores.teacherstamp.com/inks/


And here are the finished pages.

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