Mixed Media South of France Journal Pages 6,7 & 9

Mixed Media South of France Journal Pages 6,7 & 9 ink dyed journal pages.

I loved creating this Mixed Media Art Journal with picture from the South of France – what fun!

I left a few pages empty so pictures taken on the trip could be saved.

Here is the video for page 6, 7 & 9:

The backgrounds for the journal  pages were  ink dyed using the All Purpose Inks from TSC Designs.  http://stores.teacherstamp.com/inks

There are different ways to create the background pages using the All Purpose inks.  I tried the shaving cream, Aloe Vera gel and applying the inks directly to the pages .

The shaving cream I found to work best on fabric. You put some shaving cream in a dish and put the ink on top, creating a design by blending the ink into the shaving cream.  They recommend using shaving cream without any additives. You then apply to the fabric and squeegee off – yes, using a squeegee works best.  I have had great success with this technique to create the sky and grass background on my fabric for my embroidery blocks.  When I apply the shaving cream with ink to the journal pages it didn’t do much.  It was very light and I had to go over it again.

When using the Aloe Vera gel you need to select a gel that is pure.  If it has water in it, it will make your pages wet if you apply a lot. This is good to know if you are working on thin paper.  I like the gel medium because it is more fluid and glides on the pages.

Applying the ink directly to the pages worked well also.  It gives it a darker look.  I went back over some pages after they were dry to add more color to some pages.

I also used the Tim Holtz Distress paints in Antique Bronze, and Tarnished Brass for a little extra zip.


My creative crafting has taken on a whole new area of fun with the All purpose inks. – so fun!

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