DIY -Shabby Chic Framed Pincushion

I loved this project; it was so much fun to make- My Shabby Chic Framed Pincushion

For the frame –

First, choose a frame that has hinges on the back of the frame opening, so you can open and close it.  This will work best if you are going to put foam or batting inside.

Paint the frame that you are going to use beige or off white.

Next, mix water and Non Sanded Grout into a paste. Add a little white paint and mix till you have dilute white wash solution. Paint a top coat or two onto your frame.   Use a dry brush approach. Don’t put too much paint on at once.  Use light strokes and try to use an older painter’s brush to apply the white wash.  You might have to do a second coat, let paint dry in-between coats.

For the pincushion-

Measure the inside of the frame to make to pincushion. Mark the measurements on the padding to be used. I wanted a smooth, flat surface, but cotton or poly batting could also be used.  Cut to size and cover with fabric. Always use your craft pins with any projects that involves glue. I think I will put my craft pin on my new shabby chic framed pincushion.

Later, I found a piece of pink lace that I thought looked nice so I sewed it around my foam insert.

For dying lace I use Tsukneko Inks – love them!

Check out my other video on How to Dye Lace.

Dying lace-

I love dying lace; to me, it’s very therapeutic.  I really like the way this piece of lace turned out for this project.  To make it, its four drops of cherry pink ink and  1 one drop of white ink to make this pretty pink. Just one drop of white gives you a whole new color palette. Apple Green and Thyme were the colors used on the leaves. Spray a little water on the lace and the colors just meld together.

My other favorite color – 76 Rose Gold…Nope, my new favorite  is- 74 Champagne Mist.

I made stick pins from beads and wire.  So cute!

I cut the top off of a long pin, the ones with the white pearls on top. Then make a squiggle with the beading wire. The wire I use is pretty heavy. Sting whatever beads you want, I wrapped the beads in wire and used a crimping bead to lock them into place.

And Lastly, and most importantly, I made a beautiful Shabby Chic ornament to hang from the fame that really makes it beautiful.  The best part is it is removable and can be added to some other fabulous shabby chic piece later.

Look for How to Put the Chic into Shabby Chic video!

Happy Crafting!

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