Inspiration for How to Make a Shabby Chic Clock

Inspiration for How to Make a Shabby Chic Clock

It’s all about the accessories in a shabby chic themed room!

For me shabby chic is all about the white on white items, lace, frills and vintage possessions that accessorize a shabby chic themed room. White accessories can give the barest room that shabby chic feel. Accessories can add style and uniqueness.

If you are creative, you can design accessories that offer a practical aspect besides being pretty, such as storage or some type of functionality, which is truly resourceful.

I wondered where the term shabby chic came from.  So I looked into it, Google states that the origin of shabby chic originated in the 1980s. In design circles, this was a time when opulence and decadence were taking center stage.

Shabby chic is still going strong years after the term was created. A distraught and timeworn appearance is the heart of shabby chic décor. Shabby chic is a style that embraces a worn, lived-in look. But I certainly think it can be decadent.

There are many reasons to shabby chic items above all I love how shabby chic accessories turn out.  Some of the things I look for before I buy an item is how detail it is.  The more the item has curves, groves, and fanciness the better.

I bought the clock piece without the centerpiece, so I will never know if it had a picture or mirror in it.  No worries, because now it holds a clock.

How to shabby chic –

Step one – clean the item you are about to paint.

Step two – Paint the base coat with a cream or light beige color.  Let dry completely.

Step three – mix bight white non sanded grout and water into a liquid paste.  Add white paint to the mixed (double the amount, I like to use flat paint).

Step four – Use a dry brush technique to apply the non sanded grout and paint mixture to your item. Let some of the base coat show through.

Inspiration for How to Make a Shabby Chic Clock

For the clock, I then glued the rose trim around the frame to fill in the space between the clock and the frame.  Using a small wire I secured the clock to the frame and there you have it – a very cute framed shabby chic clock.

When I re-do a space the first thing I always do is paint. Painting in off whites, neutrals and pretty pastels always adds a chic touch; check out my tips and tricks for shabby chic painting in the video  How to Create a Shabby Chic Sewing room =

Other shabby chic videos you might like include:

Ideas for shabby chic – for instance:

  • Handmade items with lots of vintage lace, pretty fabric and items with scrolls and frills always remind me of shabby chic. Check out my video on Cute Shabby Chic fabric underlay with lace For your sewing machine or crafting =
  • Old intricate frames (the more detail the better) that can be painted in that vintage shabby chic style can make a significant impact. Check out my video on Shabby Chic look -Make Frames and Accessories =
  • Vintage plates, cups and saucers with pastel prints, vintage knobs especially glass knobs that you can use to revive your own furniture is a must. An easy way to add a chic look is to “Make a Pretty Plate into a Shabby Chic Accessory” =
  • Items with that vintage or worn vibe. Better yet make your own: How to Make a Shabby Chic Mini Quilt Top = and try How to bind your shabby chic mini quilt top =
  • White bird cages decorated with white or pastel flowers or hearts are always a nice touch. I love white metal items such as old keys and it so easy to paint them with a base coat and use your non sanded grout and water as the top white wash coat.
  • Chandeliers are my favorite, with lots of glass beads, pearls and bling that can be the finishing touch.

These are only a few shabby chic ideas, true style is to make it your own and incorporate what inspires you. In other words, include several of these ideas in your space and you will be certain to add that shabby chic style to your home; and for shabby chic garden ideas check out:

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White Wash Pine;

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Stop by again and see where SeeJsjourney goes next because I am a maker and you never know what I will do next.

May we live life with compassion, may we speak truth and kindness, may we seek beauty in all things.



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