How To Make Shabby Chic Frames and Accessories

How To Make Shabby Chic Frames and Accessories



I love that shabby chic look.  It is vintage, but yet timeless, sophisticated yet stylish, and I love it in every shape, shade and form.  I first learned how to “get that shabby chic look” by doing. I redid my sewing room with shabby chic decor and it turned out great.  Check out how I did it:   How to create a Shabby Chic Sewing Room: 

My sewing room turned out so cute I decided to redo my potting shed. It is so adorable, I just like to go inside and sit.  It is so peaceful and quite relaxing. You can see how easy it is to do by watching: How to create a Shabby Chic Potting Shed:

Redoing my potting shed was so much fun. But now I needed accessories. So with a little paint and non sanded grout, I’ll show you “How to Get That Shabby Chic Look – Make a Pretty Plate into a Shabby Chic Accessory.

While I was making my shabby chic accessories for my potting shed; I thought I would shabby chic the frames that I had collected for my sewing room makeover one day.  So I  made frames and accessories at the same time.  Check out the featured video and find out how to make spectacular shabby chic items to decorate with – in style.   These shabby Chic frames and accessories are easy, fun and inexpensive to make!

They look vintage yet timeless, sophisticated yet stylish, shabby but chic – that is why it’s shabby chic!










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