How to Preserve Flower Petals with Mod Podge and Tsukineko ink

How to Preserve Flower Petals with Mod Podge and Tsukineko ink

I love Niobe Clematis.  I love the color and the size is fabulous. It blooms on old wood and comes back year after year with lots of blooms on the new growth.  So, I have to say, it’s one of my faves!”

But I do get a little sad when the petals fall off.  So, I decided to try and preserve the Petals with Mod Podge and varnish so here is how I did it.

First, collect the petals and start the process right away.  Add a little water to thin out the Mod Podge. I like to use an old spray paint lid to put the Mod Poadge into.  The sponge brush will stand up in the lid and not fall over and you can twist the brush in the lid to remove some of the Mod Podge if you like.  Sponge brush works really well for this project.


When the tops of the pedals are dry, turn them over and Mod Podge the backs.  Repeat the process at least 3 times.

After the petals are dry, coat with clear Gesso and let dry.

I used clear Aloe Vera Gel and added burgundy All Purpose Ink that I bought at the Ontario Quilt Show from TSC Designs.  The best stuff ever.  I have had so much fun with  other projects that I have used with the All Purpose Inks,  such as,  dying fabric and lace – so awesome.

Then I just painted the gel mixed with the ink over the petals.  I went back over the petals with the straight ink one time, just to darken them up a bit.  I coated the back with a clear varnish to stiffen the petals.

Lastly, after the petals were dry, I placed them in a position like the original flower and used a straw to help turn or twist the petals at the base.  I used a little tacky glue to secure the petals in place.  Open the petals like they would naturally unfold and place the center in the middle.

In addition, if your flower is not stiff enough use more Mod Podge to the back and if the petals in front are not dark enough add more ink to your liking.

…and that’s how I preserved my Niobe Clematis petals.

Cool hun!

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