It’s all about the Accessories in a Shabby Chic Themed room!

It’s all about the accessories in a shabby chic themed room!

For me that shabby chic look is all about the white on white items, lace, frills and vintage possessions that accessorize a shabby chic themed room. White accessories can give the barest room that shabby chic feel. Accessories can add style and uniqueness.

If you are creative, you can design accessories that offer a practical aspect besides being pretty, such as storage or some type of functionality, which is truly resourceful.

Other projects like my cute shabby chic fabric underlay with lace for your sewing machine or crafting , was created to add that shabby chic sweetness and finishing touch to my sewing room.

I wondered where the term shabby chic came from. So I looked into it, Google states that the origin of shabby chic originated in the 1980s. In design circles, this was a time when opulence and decadence were taking center stage.

Shabby chic is still going strong years after the term was created. A distraught and timeworn appearance is the heart of shabby chic décor. Shabby chic is a style that embraces a worn, lived-in look. But I certainly think it can be decadent.

When I re-do a space the first thing I always do is paint. Painting in off whites, neutrals and pretty pastels always adds a chic touch; check out my tips and tricks for shabby chic painting in the video “How to Create a Shabby Chic Sewing room”.

When I look for or make shabby chic accessories, some of the things I look for are:
Distressed white wash wood furniture or items that can be white washed. I white washed accessories for my sewing room and they came out fabulous.

I found this fabulous wood trim that I white washed and added to the small bookshelf that was also white washed.

Adding crystals on a lampshade is a fast and easy shabby chic look.

White bird cages decorated with white or pastel flowers or hearts are always a nice touch.

Handmade items with lots of vintage lace, pretty fabric and items with scrolls and frills are always the finishing  touch to any shabby chic room.

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