How To Make Fabulous Shabby Chic DIY Curtain Tiebacks

How To Make Fabulous Shabby Chic DIY Curtain Tiebacks

First of all, I love lace trim, ribbon, jewelry that sparkles and all things pretty.  So, what better way than to make something that has all of them combined?  This is how I made my fabulous shabby chic curtain tiebacks for the tea dyed curtains in my remodeled potting shed.

Collecting lace trim  is starting to be a new hobby of mine.  For this project, I bought a yard in a half of lace trim every chance I got.  I figured that half of that would be 27 inches for each curtain tieback folded in half would make each of them 13.5 inches long.  That was my thinking on that.

Every once in a while I would run into a good deal so I would buy 3 yards. But the really pretty stuff can get a little pricey.  Lace can be up in the $5.00 a yard range and I didn’t want this project to get to pricey.

Then I hit the mother load – so to speak.  I was in Marshall’s and saw this white  dream catcher that didn’t have anything in the middle. But I didn’t care, in my mind, I saw all the ribbon and lace trim for my curtain tieback project for $8.00 and you guessed it,  I jumped up and down.  I now had enough to make my shabby chic curtain tiebacks.

You can find similar ones on Amazon like:  I would look for one with the most variety of lace trims. Most noteworthy, buying lace trim this way is so much cheaper than by the yard.

If you are not fortunate to run across the mother load; try and buy at least 3 yards of eyelash lace trim, and as much lace trim or ribbon as you can.  The fuller the better, I think.

I had already collected the bling for the project. I found a couple of leaf earrings at a garage sale and little leaves from Ken Oliver Embellishments by Maya Road.   The little burlap butterflies and flowers are from Textured Elements by Peteloo.  They add just the right touch – don’t you think.

When you have enough lace and ribbon; fold them over cut any in half that need to be cut and tie another piece of lace in the middle.  Glue or sew your embellishment onto one of the pieces of lace.

Buy a couple of claw type hair clips at the 99 cent/dollar store and first cover with white Gesso. I’m not sure if you really need this step, I was just afraid that the paint wouldn’t stick to the plastic hair clips.  Plus, I’m on paint everything with Gesso kick.  Let the Gesso dry and paint with white or beige acrylic paint.

I first glued the lace and ribbon ties to the hair clip and then sewed them on to make sure they wouldn’t fall off.

Finally, I tied a smaller piece of lace around the earring to cover where I attached it; and my shabby chic curtain ties were complete.

This project is really easy, really fun,  and really cute!!!

The perfect touch for my tea dyed curtains in my potting shed – don’t you agree?


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